React Barcamp 2019

26th and 27th January 2019 in Cologne

What is a Barcamp?

A Barcamp is an event shaped by your contribution. Rather than having scheduled speakers, you will have the opportunity to talk about what is important to you. Anyone with something to contribute in the context of user experience is welcome to join. The goal is to share what you know, to learn from others, to ignite discussion, and to connect in an open environment.


What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that makes it incredible easy to build fast user Interfaces for websites and mobile. Data on React sites can easily be changed without reloading the page, improving the overall user expierence.
It also allows you to create reusable components to reduce repetitive programing and the overall amount of code. This makes not only writing but also reading the code much easier.


Diversity at the event

As we try to promote more diversity in the open source community, all people belonging to a group that is currently underrepresented in tech are most welcome at the event. We reserved some seats especially for these people. If you are part of such a group and want to attend the barcamp please contact us and we will give you a seat even when the event is booked out.

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    • 09:00 - Arrival
    • 09:30 - Welcome and Session Planning
    • 13:00 - Lunch
    • 14:00 - Lightning Talks
    • 18:00 - Final Session
    • 19:00 - End
  • 09:00 - Arrival
  • 10:00 - Session Planning
  • 12:45 - Lunch
  • 14:30 - Lightning Talks
  • 15:30 - Final Session
  • 16:00 - End

Further infos: Barcamptools Schedule